Bitching About The World – My Top Pet Peeves

1. People who firstly take up the entire walkway and then walk at an incredibly slow pace. Could you please be a little more considerate and move like a couple of inches left or right please. You and your friends don’t need to walk in a line on the side-walk. You and your friends could walk at a reasonable pace. Please you’re killing me here.

2. People who are on their phones while talking to me.

3. Dangerous people on the road. I don’t even need to be driving to have road rage. I start acting like it’s a sports game, screaming about how some ass cut someone off. Someone who was just incredibly reckless. The other night I saw this guy swerve between a moving and parked car. He clipped the moving car, which was a new Mercedes might I add.

4. When people scratch their fingers against chalk boards or even just the sounds of chalk when writing. My ears can not handle it.

5. Boys who pee on the seat and leave it there. Living in a house with 4 boys growing up this frankly happened more than it should have.

6. People who are rude in general but in particular towards people in hospitality. After a couple of years working in fast food I have learned how people act when they have power over an individual. You really need to have a backbone to work in customer service.

7. Ignorance in combination with being closed-minded.

8. People who are disgustingly untidy. I have a brother who I’ve been attempting to get to clean. We live together and our mom’s been tidying up after him for years. Tonight he left five burgers in his pan to sit over night and my spinach that is now wilted.

9. People who cat call. It’s so fucking rude, and makes me fear for my safety.

10. Microwave meals. Okay I don’t know if this counts under pet peeves. To be frank everything about microwave meals disgusts me.

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