An Ex-Anorexics Advice On Dieting

All my life I have been told various ways of how to eat. I’m haunted by the diet questions? How does one eat healthy? I’ve been anorexic to the point where my bones were jutted into my skin. It’s hard to say whether my relationship with food will ever truly recover.

I’ve heard things from fasting is good for you. Eat a high protein diet. Eat a low sugar diet. Even such bullshit as fruit makes you fat (I’m sorry if you believe this). There are even medical journals out there telling the public that the consumption of soft drinks is not related to obesity (might I add the research is usually funded by soft drink companies).

I am not a nutritionist. I’m not even very health conscious anymore. I ate a pizza before writing this article. I have some advice when it comes to health, though. Here are my most important things when it comes to your body.

  1. Throw away your scale. The numbers not important and it will do more harm than good for you. Defining your health by numbers doesn’t work. Define health by how you feel in your body. Define it by having energy. Define it by feeling happy. If you are doing right by your body, then you shouldn’t need to be concerned about the number on the scale.
  2. Own your body. The world has a funny way of taking possession of the one thing we were born into this world with. We’re told how our bodies should look. People may objectify us. We’re told to lose weight or gain weight. As if our body mass should be any one else’s business but our own. Your body is yours to do with it what you please and you have the right to feel good about it in what ever form it is in.
  3. Recognise everything your body does for you. Every day you’re body keeps you safe, it works to keep a balance and keep you healthy. Your body is the one thing in this world that no matter what will do what it can to keep you alive. I like to separate myself from my body and think about it as a small child that I need to look after. I want to do right by my body because I respect it to this degree.
  4. Exercising is important. When you exercise, your mood is boosted and your body thanks you. Sure maybe there’s a bit of pain but often times it’s worth it for the benefits. You need to find something that works for you though. Some people can go to the gym on the daily. Some people can push themselves to get out of bed early in the morning for a run. Some people can do 200 sit ups first thing in the morning. Some people can’t. Find something practical, something like a fighting class or a yoga class. If it doesn’t work for you. It doesn’t work.
  5. Eat well. Now this can mean a lot of different things for people. It’s about experimenting, researching, and trying things out. Some people will thrive on a vegan diet while others can’t due to struggling to meet their dietary requirements. Some will do well with paleo. However diets are temporary. Life style changes are forever. Recognise where you’re going wrong with your diet and make changes to suit these struggles. If you don’t have time to eat healthy, meal prep. If you don’t have money to eat healthy, research inexpensive healthy meals, buy in bulk and cook in bulk. If you don’t like healthy food, experiment and reduce things you know are bad for you such as refined sugars. You may be surprised by how much you like the taste of something without all the sugar and salt.

Above all love your body. Treat it with the respect you give the bodies of those you admire. It is the only one you have. It is what will carry you throughout the rest of your life. Be good to your body. Love it no matter what form it is in.

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