Things To Be Thankful For

Thank you for good parents. Seeing them within the world, looking after their children even when the kids are driving them nuts. Having vomit on their tops and hair that hasn’t been washed in a week. Thank you for every mother who looked after their baby even when it felt impossible.



Thank you for laughter. The kind of laughter your sides start to hurt. The kind of laughter that makes you squirt milk out of your nose.



Thank you for forgiveness. Thank you for the knowledge that forgiveness is about freeing yourself rather than the other person. Thank you for me being able to forgive without ever receiving an apology.



Thank you for plants, clean oxygen and sunlight.



Thank you for my siblings. Everyone of them is special and important. Even if I don’t like them at some point I will always love them.



Thank you for pain. It reminds us there are better times to come. It reminds us to take care of ourselves. It tells us we are living. There is so much more living to be done. Through band aids or a box of fancy chocolate, nurse your pain till it is no more.



Thank you to every advantage I have. Clean water. A parent. Money. Education. A car. Living in the developed world. The internet. Food. A roof to sleep under



Thank you to my bills being paid.



Thank you to music that makes us dance automatically. Thank you to songs that make the entire room scream the lyrics. Thank you to music that brings people together.



Thank you for you. You may be a stranger. You may be a friend. You may be a political leader. You may be a superhero living under new york, who is yet to emerge. Who ever you are know that I care. That, I love you. Even if we are thousands of miles apart and will never meet, I love you.


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